[Pacemaker] Clone resource question

Pablo Florencio pabloflorencio at cica.es
Thu Jul 23 07:11:50 EDT 2009

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Hello everybody,

I'm trying to configure a clone resource that will
run in 2 nodes at the same time. After reading the
documentation I realized that I must setup it with
following options:

clone-max 2
clone-node-max 1

It seems to be working ok, however, when manually shutdown
this resource in first node, the same happens in the second one,
but I need it to keep running.

Am I using the wrong attrinutes? Any help will be very usefull.
This is the configuration of my clone resource:

<clone id="iptables_clone">
        <meta_attributes id="iptables_clone-meta_attributes">
          <nvpair id="iptables_clone-meta_attributes-target-role"
name="target-role" value="started"/>
          <nvpair id="iptables_clone-meta_attributes-clone-max"
name="clone-max" value="2"/>
        <nvpair id="iptables_clone-meta_attributes-clone-node-max"
name="clone-node-max" value="1"/></meta_attributes>
        <primitive class="lsb" id="iptables_service" type="iptables">
          <operations id="iptables_service-operations">
            <op id="iptables_service-op-monitor-15" interval="15"
name="monitor" start-delay="15" timeout="15"/>
          <meta_attributes id="iptables_service-meta_attributes">
            <nvpair id="iptables_service-meta_attributes-target-role"
name="target-role" value="started"/>

Thank you so much.

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