[Pacemaker] OCFS & Pacemaker hang

Karl Katzke kkatzke at tamu.edu
Fri Jul 17 15:21:22 EDT 2009

Ever since I plugged ocfs in to pacemaker, I've been having issues with my cluster's stability. Thankfully, we're still testing things and not in production yet, but ... 

Specifically, this error has started to show up: 

Jul 17 12:37:02 app-03 openais[5009]: [crm  ] ERROR: route_ais_message: Child 7098 spawned to record non-fatal assertion failure line 1299: dest > 0 && dest < SIZEOF(pcmk_children)
Jul 17 12:37:02 app-03 openais[5009]: [crm  ] ERROR: route_ais_message: Invalid destination: 0
Jul 17 12:37:02 app-03 openais[5009]: [MAIN ] Msg[24] (dest=local:unknown, from=app-05:crmd.5078, remote=true, size=901): <create_request_adv origin="send_direct_ack" t="crmd" version="3.0.1" subt="request" refer

That message was on the troublesome node. 

There was a discussion addressing this back in May, but I didn't see any resolution: http://lists.linux-ha.org/pipermail/linux-ha/2009-May/037254.html

Removing all of the ocfs-related resources and disabling ocfs2 on boot resolves the issue. 

Any suggestions? This is with the current SLES11-HAE versions of pacemaker, ocfs2, etc. I'm managing dlm and o2cb's startup and the mounting of all filesystems via the crm so that dependencies are met. 


Karl Katzke
Systems Analyst II

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