[Pacemaker] hbagent of pacemaker-mgmt

Junko IKEDA ikedaj at intellilink.co.jp
Tue Jul 14 03:11:20 EDT 2009


I am trying to run hbagent with openais in the following way,

# export HA_cluster_type="openais"
# service openais start
# /usr/lib64/heartbeat/hbagent -d

hbagent could start successfully, 
but there is something wrong with it.

When I run hbagent included in Heartbeat 2.1.4,
trap events came from the node which the event occurred on.
But with openais, all node throw the trap even if that event didn't occur on it.

For example,
primitive resource "dummy1" and "dummy2" started on "dom1".
In this case, only "dom1" was supposed to trap that these two resources started on it,
but "dom2" (stand-by node) also notice it.
It looks like a duplicate.
Please see the attached logs.

Should I need any additional setups?

* version


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