[Pacemaker] python bindings

Nikola Ciprich extmaillist at linuxbox.cz
Tue Jul 7 08:39:31 EDT 2009

I would like to do some extensive scripting with python and pacemaker. 
According to what I've discovered so far, it seems that there are at least
two implemented python "bindings" - one in Dejan's crm shell and one in
Yan's mgmt package. I'm wandering if it maybe might make sense to start
project on creating separate set of python bindings which could be usable
by both those projects as well as others.
In such case, what would be the best way of creating those bindings? 
I'm considering either reusing the existing code (either from crm, or mgmt)
or creating it from scratch...
And is it better to use mgmt interface, or rather parse commands output? (I 
don'r really like the latter variant)
Anyways, any suggestion would be appreciated!

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