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Lars Marowsky-Bree lmb at suse.de
Wed Jan 28 07:54:50 EST 2009

On 2009-01-28T15:02:30, Priyanka Ranjan <priyanka3rdfeb at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> i am new to openais and pacemaker. i am working on sles11 . i have three
> questions.

If you are working on SLE11, please use the pacemaker list only. These
questions have nothing to do with linux-ha nor openais. I have set the
reply-to accordingly.

(Besides, SLE11 isn't released, so that's all beta code right now.)

> 1) can any one tell me what resource agents are available . can i have a
> list of resource agents which openais supports  like apache, oracle , tomcat
> etc.

openAIS doesn't support any resource agents, those come from other
packages. But in your installed system, simply look at

This will also be documented in the Novell provided product docs, of

> 2)  does openais + pacemaker support SCSI  Persisten Resrvation as one of
> resource/node fencing method. i could not find PR when i did stonith -L . do
> we need to write external stonith script if we want to use SCSI Persisten
> Resrvation.

There is a scsi_reservation resource agent, but it is not used for
node-level fencing; you can simply add it to the resource hierarchy as

If you want to fence through shared storage, the external/sbd stonith
script might be want you want.

> 3) i want to create two nodes cluster. i have generated the autheky on one
> node and copied it to another node.. after starting openais service i got
> two separate clusters on two nodes. i have specified following in interface
> of openais.conf.
>    interface {
>                 #Network Address to be bind for this interface setting
>                 bindnetaddr:  # this is node1's pvt addr. on
> node 2's openais.conf i have specified node2's ip address.

You can simply specify the network address, no need to specify the
explicit IP address here. (ie, likely

And if you want to use OCFS2, you must specify an explicit nodeid: field
(1, 2, 3, 4, ... this needs to be unique on each node).

> can i directly modify cib xml file to add a node or should i use  hb_gui . i
> am not able to form two nodes cluster, please help me.

You NEVER edit cib.xml manually. _Never_. Only through tools such as
hb_gui, the "crm" shell, cibadmin etc.

You don't need to add nodes to the configuration explicitly, they'll get
auto-added to the CIB as soon as openais forms a ring. Try without
"secauth", maybe the encryption is proving troublesome for you.

There are docs on clusterlabs.org on how to set this all up, too.


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