[Pacemaker] Three questions...

Romi Verma romi3rdfeb at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 00:38:38 EST 2009

Thanks a lot Andrew for your reply,
i have another question on stonith. i have configured sbd stonith and riloe
stonith.  can i set the order of execution. say i want riloe to get executed
first and if it fails then sbd to get executed. should i set priority??

it seems to me that suse 11 follows "or" approach , like if one stonith
fails then only execute another stonith. is there any way to make it "and" ,
i mean to say even if first stonith pass , execute second also .
 you may feel that there is no need to to execute second stonith if first
was successful . But just for my curiosity i want to know is it possible or

Thanks again

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