[Pacemaker] Seriously, what's up with the releases?

Nikola Ciprich extmaillist at linuxbox.cz
Mon Feb 16 08:39:55 EST 2009

Hi Andrew, 
and thanks for reply..

On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 02:16:08PM +0100, Andrew Beekhof wrote:
> indeed.  i've fixed a few memory leaks recently, I'll have to check if  
> pingd was affected.
I'm using 090212 snapshot, according to mercurial, You've fixed some leaks before,
none of them after this release, so it must be some yet undiscovered error.
But I'll give final 1.0.2 release a try ASAP anyways.

> i should be able to reproduce locally
> you could file a bug though - that would help
OK, I've done that already (#2075). I now noticed that it keeps growing quite fast: about 4kB every 2 seconds,
so I've set severity to Major, hope it's not too audacious :)

> hmmm - odd.  i'll investigate.  thanks!
upon further investigation, we've found at least one more problem was on
our side, so maybe it false alarm.

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