[Pacemaker] very urgent

Glory Smith xx2glory at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 05:53:10 EST 2009

 having an unreliable stonith mechanism is worse than not having one at all.
> what if your resource fencing has a bug? its the same problem.
> reliable fencing is a fundamental requirement of the cluster.

i understand . but If i can do both (node as well as resource fencing) then
there is very very rare chance that both will fail at same time.

i will again say it would be really good if something can be done to
implement resource fencing in openais-pacemaker. dont you agree with this.

> 2) no, it cant.
> it wont have quorum and therefor isn't allowed to start cluster resources

if i set no-quourm to stop (Which is default)  then i feel following things
will happen

1) resouces will be stopped at all nodes who belong to  no-quourm partition
and fail over to a nodes which have quorum.

2) All nodes of no-quorum partion will be stonithed by  nodes having quorum.

am i right?

 if openais -pacemaker provide something  for resouce fencing we would have
>> completely ruled out  above possiblities  Please share your view.
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