[Pacemaker] Few questions

Glory Smith xx2glory at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 01:39:01 EST 2009

> >
> > As you said if CRM decides a node should be fenced it will be fenced and
> it
> > has nothing to do with sbd.
> Right. The decision itself has nothing to do with sbd. sbd is
> just an executioner.
> > so in this case cluster must need an another
> > stonith to provide fencing of errant node.  is my understanding is
> correct.
> No.
> > can you explain a bit more , how CRM decide that a node should be fence ?
> is
> > it when node become unreachable.??
> Yes. Also if a resource can't be stopped on that node.
> Thanks,

Hi Dejan,

Well i  tried to configure sbd  on two nodes cluster.  it is not working
properly.  need your view here. In split-brain situation both nodes are
trying to stonith each other and they have written  "Reset" to each other's
slot also. (nodes name are tejas and toddy)

tejas:~ # sbd -d /dev/sdd list
0       tejas reset   toddy
1       toddy  reset   tejas

Syslog is also saying that they have reset each other successfully.

Feb 10 10:02:54 tejas stonithd: [9195]: info: Succeeded to STONITH the node
toddy: optype=RESET. whodoit: tejas

Feb 10 10:03:55 toddy stonithd: [9195]: info: Succeeded to STONITH the node
tejas: optype=RESET. whodoit: toddy

But both nodes didn't reset actually.  can you tell me why it happened.

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