[Pacemaker] handling snmp trap with crm_mon

Junko IKEDA ikedaj at intellilink.co.jp
Wed Feb 25 23:45:24 EST 2009


I try to handle SNMP trap with crm_mon.
It seems that the latest crm_mon requires net-snmp 5.4 for enabling SNMP, so
I built net-snmp 5.4 on Red Hat, and rebuild Pacemaker 1.0.2 --with-snmp.

Usage is, just set "-S <target>" ?
# crm_mon -S

I set SNMP manager's IP address( as <target>, but nothing
happen during some events, like starting resources or fail over ...
Should I edit some SNMP configuration files, too?

When I call the following command from Pacemaker server(,
SNMP manager can notice it.

* Pacemaker server;
# snmptrap -v 2c -c public '' .

* SNMP manager(/var/log/snmptrap.log);
snmptrapd[13151]: 2009-02-25 15:40:30 <UNKNOWN> [UDP:
[]:32772]: DISMAN-EVENT-MIB::sysUpTimeInstance = Timeticks:
(18192695) 2 days, 2:32:06.95      SNMPv2-MIB::snmpTrapOID.0 = OID:

Does crm_mon also use LINUX-HA-MIB.mib as the same as hbagent?

I think SNMP function is also included in pacemaker-pygui, is there any
differences between pygui and crm_mon?

Best Regards,
Junko Ikeda


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