[Pacemaker] Problem in drbd wiki page?

Neil Katin neil at askneil.com
Thu Feb 12 13:24:43 EST 2009

I've been trying to upgrade to pacemaker 1.0.1, and have been
running the examples in a test environment.  I've been trying
to get the example on the DRBD page to work:


This line seems to have two problems with it:

     crm configure location ms-drbd0-placement ms-drbd0 rule -inf: \#uname ne xen-1 or \#uname ne xen-2

The first is the boolean logic is incorrect: the "or" should be an

The second problem centers around the score: the -inf seems to be the "friendly"
way to specify negative infinity, but it is not properly translated into the relax-ng
schema's -INFINITY; I get xml parsing errors.  And when I manually correct the xml
then I get warnings from the "friendly" parser when it re-reads the rules.

Should I be specifying -inf or -INFINITY in the line above?


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