[Pacemaker] Help with scsi_reservation on pacemaker

Vit Pelcak vpelcak at suse.cz
Thu Feb 12 09:18:08 EST 2009

Hi people.

I'd like to ask you for help with some problem.

I have to test scsi_reservation in pacemaker.

Currently, I have two operating systems in vmware + 2 shared disks set
with scsi_reservation. On each shared disk there is lvm with ext3. Those
are /dev/datab/datab and /dev/datac/datac.

For configuration I got this xml from colleague:
      <primitive class="ocf" id="primitive-scsires" provider="heartbeat"
          <nvpair id="nvpair-e6001b42-2803-42b8-98ef-ab00d71a9495"
name="target-role" value="Stopped"/>


          <op id="primitive-scsires-op-monitor-20" interval="20"
name="monitor" timeout="20"/>        

          <nvpair id="nvpair-f67b325b-9114-40cc-8a12-b3eaeed9291e"
name="scsi_reserve" value="/usr/sbin/scsi_reserve"/>
          <nvpair id="nvpair-9aa6969b-e28a-4b51-a827-6831344f2fe3"
name="sharedisk" value="/dev/datab/datab"/>                
          <nvpair id="nvpair-e88e742a-7099-4eab-a03c-e18b6f4d14b5"
name="start_loop" value="10"/>                     



If I understand it well, this should set one resource /dev/datab. But
how can I add datac resource as depending?

I simply need to test scsi reservation, and I got advised that this is
the way.

If you find (most probably) this description insufficient, feel free to
ask for further info.

Thank you for help.

Vit Pelcak

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