[Pacemaker] Resource Failover in 2 Node Cluster

Adam Gandelman adam at linbit.com
Wed Aug 19 13:46:00 EDT 2009


Upgrade to DRBD 8.3.2.  The new DRBD OCF was released with 8.3.2 and 
makes use of a DRBD fencing script that also ships with the latest 
version.  Consult the new user guide at http://www.drbd.org for info on 
configuring this for Pacemaker compatibility.

> colocation Resource-Group-With-DRBD-Master inf: Resource-Group 
> MS-DRBD-Disk:Master
> order Start-DRBD-Before-Filesystem inf: MS-DRBD-Disk:promote 
> FileSystem:start
Consider re-stating the order constraint to reference Resource-Group 
instead of FileSystem

Hope that helps


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