[Pacemaker] Problem with drbd 2 primary + OCFS2 + server

cudak at sonet.internetdsl.pl cudak at sonet.internetdsl.pl
Wed Aug 19 13:51:58 EDT 2009

hj lee pisze:
> I found two issues in your configuration.
> 1. Still the last location constraint does not make sense. The 
> server-www is a group, not multistate master/slave, so role=master is 
> wrong. This should be msDRBD.
> 2. Why did you set max-master=2? As you said, both nodes came up as 
> master, most of constraints you configured does not make sense. For 
> example, colocation constraints says that server-www must be run with 
> DRBD master. But there are two masters in your cluster, it can not run 
> it. Try it again by deleting max-master=2, the default is 1.
> Thanks

Is it master-max means: "how many copies of the resource can be promoted 
to master status" ( by Configuration_Explained.pdf  from 
clusterlabs.org)? Whena I'm changeing  role in location to role=master 
crm it shows: "Bad role specified... "

In addition to not starting filesystem, I've change param start-delay 
from default value to 60 of primitive resOCFS2 and now all filesystem 
are mounted properly.

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