[Pacemaker] Problem with drbd 2 primary + OCFS2 + server

cudak at sonet.internetdsl.pl cudak at sonet.internetdsl.pl
Wed Aug 19 11:12:59 EDT 2009

Michael Schwartzkopff pisze:
> Am Dienstag, 18. August 2009 22:50:54 schrieb mikrus_87:
>> :: 19:05:50Hi, i would like to make following configuration: DRBD as master
>> :: on two nodes +OCFS2, additionally after assembling system's files.
> what version of DRBD do you have?
It's DRBD 8.0.4. I also noticed that if resources start simultaneously 
in the same time, the file system is mounted properly (on both nodes), 
but if I start pacmekaer-openais on first node and then I will wait a 
couple of seconds and start openais on second node the filesystem on 
that node will not start.

Without pacemaker-openais, when I start manually DRBD on both nodes and 
mount filesystem everything is ok.

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