[Pacemaker] crm_resource problem

Dan Urist durist at ucar.edu
Mon Aug 17 15:46:14 EDT 2009

Andrew Beekhof wrote:

> Possibly, but not in this case.
> I'd guess you had some constraints that reference the vsvg1 resource.
> Deleting the resource would therefore leave dangling dependancies
> which is not allowed.

Thanks, that makes sense.

> Btw. if you used the "shadow" feature of the crm shell, you'd have
> been able to make it into a group without deleting or stopping it.

I'm actually managing my config with a homegrown perl script that merges
chunks of XML together and then installs a new CIB. This way I can keep
a resource definition and the relevant constraints together in the same
file, which keeps things clearer for me, and since I have four clusters
that all run similar services, it simplifies management since I can just
copy the identical pieces of XML around and use templates for the rest.

Dan Urist
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