[Pacemaker] a clone resource works in RHEL_5/heartbeat2.1.3 but does not work in RHEL_5/pacemaker1.0.5/heartbeat3.0

Li, Ling (Ling) lli1 at alcatel-lucent.com
Mon Aug 31 19:12:22 EDT 2009


I downloaded the latest pacemaker1.0.5/heartbeat3.0.0 today (8/31) from

O.S. RHEL5.3

I converted the cib.xml which works in heartbeat2.1.3 to the new syntax following the manual upgrading steps in  "pacemaker configuration explained".
Our cluster has two nodes and four resources.
After I started the heartbeat on node A, all the resources except the clone are up as expected.
Crm_resource -list

Clone Set: sybase-ase
        Stopped: [ sybase-ase-grp:0 sybase-ase-grp:1 ]

In heartbeat2.1.3, the sybase-ase-grp:0  runs on node A after I start heartbeat on node A.

Attached are the cib.xml containing the clone resource and the ha-debug when I did cibadmin -R -x cib.xml.

Also, in ha-debug, there are many lines "log_data_element: get_xpath_object: Bad Input..."

Thanks in advance,

Ling Li

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