[Pacemaker] using clone score in location

Geoff Lovett geoff.lovett at lightningsource.com
Fri Aug 28 18:21:51 EDT 2009

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Hello all, I'm trying to use a clone's score in a location constraint,
and it's not going well.  Basically, I've got an IP I want to run on a
node with any healthy clone.  My clone is of a group.  If any member of
the group fails to run, I'd like the IP to migrate to a healthy node.
Currently, after I cause a group member to fail, then the IP does nothing.

Here's output from crm configure show.  I've tried many different
location commands besides this one:

primitive dansguardian lsb:dansguardian \
        op monitor interval="5s"
primitive proxy_pingd ocf:pacemaker:pingd \
        params host_list="" multiplier="1000" dampen="5s" \
        op monitor interval="15s" timeout="5s"
primitive proxy_vip ocf:heartbeat:IPaddr \
        params ip="" \
        op monitor interval="5s" \
        meta resource_stickiness="500"
primitive squid lsb:squid \
        op monitor interval="5s" \
        op stop interval="0" timeout="180s"
group proxy_group squid dansguardian
clone proxy_group_clone proxy_group \
        meta globally-unique="false"
clone proxy_pingd_clone proxy_pingd \
        meta globally-unique="false"
location proxy_location proxy_vip \
        rule $id="proxy_location-rule" -inf: proxy_group_clone lt 0

ptest -L -s shows score 0 for proxy_group_clone when a node is healthy,
and -1000000 when one a member of proxy_group has failed.

I may be going about this wrongly... however I don't wish to add the IP
to the group, as one of the group members (squid) takes a long time to
stop, and I don't want the IP to be stuck on a non-functioning node
during this time.

Currently using Pacemaker 1.0.4 / Heartbeat 2.99.  Any ideas would be

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