[Pacemaker] Feature request: Syntax error prevention

Michael Schwartzkopff misch at multinet.de
Fri Aug 21 06:17:39 EDT 2009


there just was a mail on the list about an error in a resource. The problem 
was a simple syntex error:

primitive drbd0-block ocf:heartbeat:drbd \
    params drbd_resrource="nfs01"

It also happened sometimes to me so I'd like to see some kind of syntax check 
in the CRM subshell.

Perhaps it would be possible to check if all nescessary parameters of a 
resource do exists? On the other hand, the crm could display all perameters 
the RA doesn't know at all.

In case of a failure the output could be "Parameter (...) missing, but 
needed." and "The resource agent doesn't know the parameter (...). Are you 
sure you want to configure it?"

Perhaps depending on the level of the crm (expert, hack mode).



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