[Pacemaker] Problem with drbd 2 primary + OCFS2 + server

mikrus_87 mikrus_87 at o2.pl
Tue Aug 18 13:25:44 EDT 2009

:: 19:05:50Hi, i would like to make following configuration: DRBD as master on two nodes +OCFS2, additionally after assembling system's files i want WWW server to start with assigned virtual IP. My configuaration is working, but unfortunately not properl. It turnes on DRBD, assebles files system, but WWW server and mysql don't start. crm_mon doesn't show any failed actions.

This is my config:
primitive resDRBD ocf:heartbeat:drbd \
 op monitor role=Master interval=59s timeout=30s \
 op monitor role=Slave interval=60s timeout=30s \
        params drbd_resource="web" 

primitive resOCFS2 ocf:heartbeat:Filesystem \
        params device="/dev/drbd0" directory="/home/drbd" fstype="ocfs2"
ms msDRBD resDRBD \
        meta clone-max="2" master-max="2" notify="true"

clone cloneOCFS2 resOCFS2 \
	meta interleave="true" ordered="true"

primitive lighttpd lsb:lighttpd 

primitive virtual-ip ocf:heartbeat:IPaddr2 \
params ip="" broadcast="" nic="eth0" cidr_netmask="24" \
op monitor interval=21s timeout=5s

group server-www virtual-ip lighttpd

order msDRBD-before-cloneOCFS2 inf: msDRBD:promote cloneOCFS2:start

order cloneOCFS2-before-server-www inf: cloneOCFS2:promote server-www:start

colocation sever-www-on-msDRBD inf: server-www msDRBD:Master

location ms-drbd1-master-on-node2 serwer-mysql \
rule id="ms-drbd1-master-on-node2-rule" role="master" 100: #uname eq node2

Log doesn't show anything about it.

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