[Pacemaker] Resource Failover in 2 Node Cluster

Darren.Mansell at opengi.co.uk Darren.Mansell at opengi.co.uk
Wed Aug 19 05:19:42 EDT 2009

Hello everyone. I'm a little confused about how this set up should work.
This is my config:


node gihub1

node gihub2

primitive stonith-SSH stonith:ssh \

        params hostlist="gihub1 gihub2"

primitive DRBD-Disk ocf:linbit:drbd \

        params drbd_resource="gihub_disk" \

        op monitor interval="59s" role="Master" timeout="30s" \

        op monitor interval="60s" role="Slave" timeout="30s"

primitive FileSystem ocf:heartbeat:Filesystem \

        params fstype="ext3" directory="/www" device="/dev/drbd0" \

        op monitor interval="30s" timeout="15s" \

        meta migration-threshold="10"

primitive ProFTPD lsb:proftpd \

        op monitor interval="20s" timeout="10s" \

        meta migration-threshold="10"

primitive Tomcat lsb:tomcat \

        op monitor interval="20s" timeout="10s" \

        meta migration-threshold="10"

primitive Virtual-IP ocf:heartbeat:IPaddr2 \

        params ip="" broadcast="" nic="eth0"
cidr_netmask="8" \

        op monitor interval="30s" timeout="15s" \

        meta migration-threshold="10"

group Resource-Group FileSystem ProFTPD Tomcat Virtual-IP

ms MS-DRBD-Disk DRBD-Disk \

        meta clone-max="2" notify="true" globally-unique="false"

clone STONITH-clone stonith-SSH

location DRBD-Master-Prefers-GIHub1 MS-DRBD-Disk \

        rule $id="drbd_loc_rule" $role="master" 100: #uname eq gihub1

colocation Resource-Group-With-DRBD-Master inf: Resource-Group

order Start-DRBD-Before-Filesystem inf: MS-DRBD-Disk:promote

property $id="cib-bootstrap-options" \

        dc-version="1.0.3-0080ec086ae9c20ad5c4c3562000c0ad68374f0a" \

        expected-quorum-votes="2" \

        no-quorum-policy="ignore" \

        start-failure-is-fatal="false" \

        stonith-action="poweroff" \

        last-lrm-refresh="1250615730" \




I had assumed (and I'm sure it worked like this before) that if I reboot
gihub1, all the resources should instead start on gihub2. I have tried
with stonith-enabled=true which doesn't seem to change anything. Can
anyone see from my config or the attached messages log what is going on?
I've compiled DRBD 8.3.2 and I'm using the new Libit DRBD RA. I'll try
using the heartbeat RA in the meantime.


Many thanks

Darren Mansell

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