[Pacemaker] Problem with mounting filesystem by pacemaker

Michal michal at sonet.internetdsl.pl
Mon Aug 10 14:56:24 EDT 2009

I' ve made a configuration on debian, using earlier prepered pack 
packmeker-openais. drbd startes witouth problems,
but unfortunately pacemaker don't want to mount filesystem. Always, when 
i want to activate manualy drbd, building up files
everything works.
Here is my configuration:

primitive drbd0 ocf:heartbeat:drbd \
params drbd_resource=web \
op monitor role=Master interval=59s timeout=30s \
op monitor role=Slave interval=60s timeout=30s

ms ms-drbd0 drbd0 \
meta clone-max=2 master-max="1" notify=true globally-unique=false

primitive fs0 ocf:heartbeat:Filesystem \
params fstype=ext3 directory=/home/drbd device=/dev/drbd0 \
meta migration-threshold="50"

primitive lighttpd lsb:lighttpd \
op monitor interval="20s" timeout="10s" \
meta migration-threshold="50"

primitive virtual-ip ocf:heartbeat:IPaddr2 \
params ip="" broadcast="" nic="eth0"
cidr_netmask="24" \
op monitor interval=21s timeout=5s

group resource-group fs0 lighttpd virtual-ip

order ms-drbd0-before-fs0 inf: ms-drbd0:promote fs0:start

colocation res-group-on-ms-drbd0 inf: resource-group ms-drbd0:Master

location ms-drbd0-master-on-node1 ms-drbd0 \
rule id="ms-drbd0-master-on-node1-rule" role="master" 100: #uname eq node1

Output from crm_mon -1 :

Last updated: Mon Aug 10 20:57:22 2009
Stack: openais
Current DC: node1 - partition with quorum
Version: 1.0.4-2ec1d189f9c23093bf9239a980534b661baf782d
2 Nodes configured, 2 expected votes
2 Resources configured.

Online: [ node1 node2 ]

Master/Slave Set: ms-drbd0
        Masters: [ node1 ]
        Slaves: [ node2 ]

Failed actions:
    fs0_monitor_0 (node=(null), call=3, rc=5, status=complete): not 
    fs0_monitor_0 (node=(null), call=3, rc=5, status=complete): not 

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