[Pacemaker] Debian package problems

Alex King alex at king.net.nz
Mon Aug 3 04:03:48 EDT 2009

Just a note to say I installed debian packages for pacemaker 1.0/ 
heartbeat 2.99 (lenny packages from 
http://people.debian.org/~madkiss/ha, apt-get install 
pacemaker-heartbeat) and I ran into problems.

The command line utilities could not talk to pacemaker, and the node 
would constantly reboot itself every few minutes.

I found the binaries were trying to open socket(s) in /var/run/crm, 
which did not exist.  A directory which _was_ created by the install was 
/var/run/heartbeat/crm, I guess the binaries should be using that.

After creating /var/run/crm, chown (hacluster:haclient?) it and & chmod 
750 it, things started working.

Still at early days in the config.  My apologies for the vagueness of 
this post, I don't have access to the system I was working on from here.


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