[Pacemaker] Stonith Resource based on external/ipmi

  dboyn at postpath.com
Sun Aug 2 14:58:31 EDT 2009

I have configured STONITH for my Dell 1950s in the following manner:
"primitive node101-stonith stonith:external/ipmi \
        params hostname= node101  ipaddr=  userid= root  passwd= password  interface= lan  \
        meta target-role= Started 
Something happened to one of the nodes and even the BMC interface is no accessible.
I understand that the monitor of the stonith resource should not be happy about this but

 should I get:
Failed actions:
    node101-stonith_start_0 (node=node100, call=20, rc=1, status=complete): unknown
            -          from the cluster regarding all nodes it could run on?
When the machine is recovered or the interface reconnected how do I recover from the state?
./Dimitar Boyn

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