[Pacemaker] How to create OCF Resource Agents

Paul Osier Paul.Osier at itouchpoint.com
Wed Apr 29 16:07:09 EDT 2009

What should I put in for the meta-data? Sorry, if that's a dumb
question, I'm still trying to learn this.

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On Wed, 29 Apr 2009 11:12:46 -0400, Paul Osier wrote:

> No, I don't. Will this line work?
> <action name="validate-all"	timeout="30s" />

if you provide the "validate-all" function you have to add this action
the meta-data.

I just remembered that I once announced it in meta-data and don't 
provided the function. then i wondered why pacemaker/heartbeat was 
failing all the time... 

- Thomas

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