[Pacemaker] Where does Pacemaker get UUID?

Thomas Mueller thomas at chaschperli.ch
Tue Apr 21 01:28:16 EDT 2009

On Mon, 20 Apr 2009 18:10:32 -0400, Paul Osier wrote:

> Hi. I have two machines in using vmware that I'm testing Pacemaker with.
> The problem I have is that Pacemaker thinks that both machines have the
> same UUID. The machines are copies with appropriate changes. I've
> verified in vmware that both machines have different UUIDs, so I know
> I'm missing something somewhere. It would be helpful to know how
> Pacemaker gets the UUID. Is it in a file somewhere? Thanks.

for heartbeat/pacemaker it is hb_uuid file. in debian this is located in /

- Thomas

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