[Pacemaker] How to create OCF Resource Agents

Paul Osier Paul.Osier at itouchpoint.com
Mon Apr 27 17:23:06 EDT 2009

I'm trying to create an OCF resource agent that will start/stop/monitor
SER. I've read through the opencf.org resource agent api doc and the
wiki.linux-ha.org OCF resource agent doc and all those documents talk
about is what is needed in the resource agent, not necessarily how to
format/create it. I did try to take a resource agent from the
/usr/lib/ocf/resource.d/heartbeat directory that looked similar to what
I wanted to do and change it to work for SER, but it's not working.
After running crm_mon the following error message appears in


ERROR: unpack_rsc_op: Hard error - SERapp_monitor_0 failed with rc=5:
Preventing SERapp from re-starting on pri-pacemaker


Is there another log to check for resource agent error messages? Is
there any documentation out there with a simple sample resource agent?


Attached is the resource agent I'm using for reference. Thanks.

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