[Pacemaker] Resource won't switch from one node to another during power shutdown

Paul Osier Paul.Osier at itouchpoint.com
Thu Apr 23 16:25:26 EDT 2009

Hi. I have a test system set up with a couple of nodes running Heartbeat
and Pacemaker. I have an IP address resource that is to float between
the two machines. If I gracefully shutdown heartbeat the resource will
move to the other node. If I shutdown the Ethernet interface, the
resource will move to the other node, but if I power off the node with
the resource, the resource doesn't move. The running node shows the
powered off node as "unclean offline". If I query the resource location
from the running node, it thinks the resource is still on the powered
off node. I've tried all kinds of parameters and can't get this to work.
Here is my cib.xml:


0Internet%20Files\OLK93\tmp.xml##>  <<cib validate-with="pacemaker-1.0"
crm_feature_set="3.0.1" have-quorum="1" admin_epoch="8" epoch="75"
dc-uuid="a6fd438a-d06c-436e-837d-af57b8302c8f" num_updates="0"
cib-last-written="Thu Apr 23 11:41:59 2009">



      <cluster_property_set id="cib-bootstrap-options">

        <nvpair id="cib-bootstrap-options-dc-version" name="dc-version"

        <nvpair id="cib-bootstrap-options-floatingIP" name="floatingIP"

        <nvpair id="cib-bootstrap-options-floatingIP-preferred-host"
name="floatingIP-preferred-host" value="true"/>

        <nvpair id="cib-bootstrap-options-symmetric-cluster"
name="symmetric-cluster" value="true"/>




      <node id="a6fd438a-d06c-436e-837d-af57b8302c8f"
uname="sec-pacemaker" type="normal"/>

      <node id="f62cf901-aca8-4e57-9249-9f94128fff1f"
uname="pri-pacemaker" type="normal"/>



      <primitive class="ocf" provider="heartbeat" type="IPaddr"


          <op name="monitor" interval="3s" id="floatingIP-check"/>


        <instance_attributes id="floatingIP-instance_attributes">

          <nvpair id="floatingIP-instance_attributes-ip" name="ip"


        <meta_attributes id="floatingIP-meta_attributes">

          <nvpair id="floatingIP-meta_attributes-resource-stickiness"
name="resource-stickiness" value="1000"/>

          <nvpair id="floatingIP-meta_attributes-migration-threshold"
name="migration-threshold" value="1"/>









Can anyone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong or what I'm missing?



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