[Pacemaker] hb_gui - Cannot get the CIB

Steve Kwee skwee at itw.de
Thu Apr 23 05:27:02 EDT 2009


The hb_gui stops working with a messagebox "Cannot get the CIB" 
and the gui freezes and does not respond to user input.

+ The cluster is working fine.
+ crm_mon is working.
+ i searched the logs for a failed mgmtd but could not find one.
+ i turned on debugging with hb_gui -v but cannot detect anything special
+ when i start a new instance of hb_gui everything works again

I am using a openAIS / heartbeat / pacemaker 1.0.3 stack 
on openSUSE-11.1 and just upgraded to the latest binary 
packages from the openSUSE ha-clustering repo.


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