[Pacemaker] drbd : returned 8 (master) instead of the expected value: 7 (not running)

Thomas Mueller thomas at chaschperli.ch
Fri Apr 17 02:13:51 EDT 2009


i'm using pacemaker 1.0.3  / hb 2.9.2-sle11rc9 on debian etch. 

altough everything is working like expected, these warnings pop up every 
5 minutes (the reckeck interval):

Apr 17 07:04:52 ib002 crmd: [31460]: WARN: do_state_transition: 
Progressed to state S_POLICY_ENGINE after C_TIMER_POPPED
Apr 17 07:04:52 ib002 pengine: [5973]: info: unpack_rsc_op: r-drbd0-
db:0_monitor_0 on ib002 returned 8 (master) instead of the expected 
value: 7 (not running)
Apr 17 07:04:52 ib002 pengine: [5973]: WARN: unpack_rsc_op: Operation r-
drbd0-db:0_monitor_0 found resource r-drbd0-db:0 active in master mode on 

(full loglines here: http://pastebin.com/m1b60ff7a)

so pengine thinks drbd resource "db" is master on ib002. here ist the 
output of "drbdadm state db":

ib002:~# drbdadm state db

and pengine thinks it should be "not running". but it should think that 
it is "started slave". 

reading the drbd RA i can't see why it would report 8 as exit code.

is there a way to dynamically start debug log of the DRDD ressource agent 
to see why it reports 8 as exit code?

- Thomas

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