[Pacemaker] ANNOUNCE: Pacemaker 1.0.3 now available (maintenance release)

Andrew Beekhof abeekhof at suse.de
Wed Apr 15 03:34:14 EDT 2009

Hi all,

Now that the SLES11 crunch is over, we're back on the regular monthly  
release schedule.
Accordingly, 1.0.3 is now ready and certified to work with both  
stacks :-)

Major points of interest for this release include:
- Compact display of clones in crm_mon
- Fixed memory leaks
- Reduced logging
- PE bug-fixes

Unfortunately, the packages are not being built for all platforms due  
to a bug in the build service which I can't seem to get anyone to care  
about.  For those affected, I suggest either building from source or  
following the short instructions below for rebuilding with the src.rpm

Packages for Pacemaker 1.0 and it's immediate dependancies can be  
downloaded from the usual location:

and the source can be obtained from:

General installation instructions are available at:


Begin lazy paste from the changelog...
   * Update source tarball to revision: b133b3f19797 (stable-1.0) tip
   * Statistics:
       Changesets:      383
       Diff:            329 files changed, 15471 insertions(+), 15119  

   * Testing Notes:
       Heartbeat: 2-nodes: 500 iterations, 4-node: 500 iterations
       OpenAIS: 2,4,6,8,10,12 nodes: Thousands of iterations

   * Changes since Pacemaker-1.0.2
   + High: ais plugin: Fix quorum calculation (bnc#487003)
   + High: ais: Bug bnc#482847, bnc#482905 - Force a clean exit of  
OpenAIS once Pacemaker has finished unloading
   + High: ais: Bug bnc#486858 - Fix update_member() to prevent  
spamming clients with membership events containing no changes
   + High: ais: Centralize all quorum calculations in the ais plugin  
and allow expected votes to be configured int he cib
   + High: ais: Correctly handle a return value of zero from  
   + High: ais: Disable logging to a file
   + High: ais: Fix memory leak in error path
   + High: ais: IPC messages are only in scope until a response is sent
   + High: cib: Bug bnc#482885 - Simplify CIB disk-writes to prevent  
data loss.  Required a change to the backup filename format
   + High: cib: crmd: Revert part of 9782ab035003.  Complex shutdown  
routines need G_main_add_SignalHandler to avoid race coditions
   + High: crm: Avoid infinite loop during crm configure edit  
   + High: crmd: Avoid a race condition by waiting for the attrd  
update to trigger a transition automatically
   + High: crmd: Bug bnc#480977 - Prevent extra, partial, shutdown  
when a node restarts too quickly
   + High: crmd: Bug bnc#480977 - Prevent extra, partial, shutdown  
when a node restarts too quickly (verified)
   + High: crmd: Bug bnc#489063 - Ensure the DC is always unset after  
we 'loose' an election
   + High: crmd: Bug BSC#479543 - Correctly find the migration source  
for timed out migrate_from actions
   + High: crmd: Call crm_peer_init() before we start the FSA -  
prevents a race condition when used with Heartbeat
   + High: crmd: Erasing the status section shouldn't be forced to the  
local node
   + High: crmd: Fix memory leak in cib notication processing code
   + High: crmd: Fix memory leak in transition graph processing
   + High: crmd: Fix memory leaks found by valgrind
   + High: crmd: More memory leaks fixes found by valgrind
   + High: fencing: stonithd: is_heartbeat_cluster is a no-no if there  
is no heartbeat support
   + High: PE: Bug bnc#466788 - Exclude nodes that can't run resources
   + High: PE: Bug bnc#466788 - Make colocation based on node  
attributes work
   + High: PE: Bug BNC#478687 - Don't crash when clone-max is 0
   + High: PE: Bug bnc#488721 - Fix id-ref expansion for clones, the  
doc-root for clone children is not the cib root
   + High: PE: Bug bnc#490418 - Correctly determine node state for  
nodes wishing to be terminated
   + High: PE: Bug LF#2087 - Correctly parse the state of anonymous  
clones that have multiple instances on a given node
   + High: PE: Bug lf#2089 - Meta attributes are not inherited by  
clone children
   + High: PE: Bug lf#2091 - Correctly restart modified resources that  
were found active by a probe
   + High: PE: Bug lf#2094 - Fix probe ordering for cloned groups
   + High: PE: Bug LF:2075 - Fix large pingd memory leaks
   + High: PE: Correctly attach orphaned clone children to their parent
   + High: PE: Correctly handle terminate node attributes that are set  
to the output from time()
   + High: PE: Ensure orphaned clone members are hooked up to the  
parent when clone-max=0
   + High: PE: Fix memory leak in LogActions
   + High: PE: Fix the determination of whether a group is active
   + High: PE: Look up the correct promotion preference for anonymous  
   + High: PE: Simplify handling of start failures by changing the  
default migration-threshold to INFINITY
   + High: PE: The ordered option for clones no longer causes extra  
start/stop operations
   + High: RA: Bug bnc#490641 - Shut down dlm_controld with -TERM  
instead of -KILL
   + High: RA: pingd: Set default ping interval to 1 instead of 0  
   + High: Resources: pingd - Correctly tell the ping daemon to shut  
   + High: Tools: Bug bnc#483365 - Ensure the command from  
cluster_test includes a value for --log-facility
   + High: Tools: cli: fix and improve delete command
   + High: Tools: crm: add and implement templates
   + High: Tools: crm: add support for command aliases and some common  
commands (i.e. cd,exit)
   + High: Tools: crm: create top configuration nodes if they are  
   + High: Tools: crm: fix parsing attributes for rules (broken by the  
previous changeset)
   + High: Tools: crm: new ra set of commands
   + High: Tools: crm: resource agents information management
   + High: Tools: crm: rsc/op_defaults
   + High: Tools: crm: support for no value attribute in nvpairs
   + High: Tools: crm: the new configure monitor command
   + High: Tools: crm: the new configure node command
   + High: Tools: crm_mon - Prevent use-of-NULL when summarizing an  
   + High: Tools: hb2openais: create clvmd clone for respawn evmsd in  
   + High: Tools: hb2openais: fix a serious recursion bug in xml node  
   + High: Tools: hb2openais: fix ocfs2 processing
   + High: Tools: pingd - prevent double free of getaddrinfo() output  
in error path
   + High: Tools: The default re-ping interval for pingd should be 1s  
not 1ms
   + Medium (bnc#479049): Tools: crm: add validation of resource type  
for the configure primitive command
   + Medium (bnc#479050): Tools: crm: add help for RA parameters in  
tab completion
   + Medium (bnc#479050): Tools: crm: add tab completion for primitive  
   + Medium (bnc#479050): Tools: crm: reimplement cluster properties  
   + Medium (bnc#486968): Tools: crm: listnodes function requires no  
parameters (don't mix completion with other stuff)
   + Medium: ais: Remove the ugly hack for dampening AIS membership  
   + Medium: cib: Fix memory leaks by using mainloop_add_signal
   + Medium: cib: Move more logging to the debug level (was info)
   + Medium: cib: Overhaul the processing of synchronous replies
   + Medium: Core: Add library functions for instructing the cluster  
to terminate nodes
   + Medium: crmd: Add new expected-quorum-votes option
   + Medium: crmd: Allow up to 5 retires when an attrd update fails
   + Medium: crmd: Automatically detect and use new values for  
crm_config options
   + Medium: crmd: Bug bnc#490426 - Escalated shutdowns stall when  
there are pending resource operations
   + Medium: crmd: Clean up and optimize the DC election algorithm
   + Medium: crmd: Fix memory leak in shutdown
   + Medium: crmd: Fix memory leaks spotted by Valgrind
   + Medium: crmd: Ingore join messages from hosts other than our DC
   + Medium: crmd: Limit the scope of resource updates to the status  
   + Medium: crmd: Prevent the crmd from being respawned if its told  
to shut down when it didn't ask to be
   + Medium: crmd: Re-check the election status after membership events
   + Medium: crmd: Send resource updates via the local CIB during  
   + Medium: PE: Bug bnc#491441 - crm_mon does not display operations  
returning 'uninstalled' correctly
   + Medium: PE: Bug lf#2101 - For location constraints, role=Slave is  
equivalent to role=Started
   + Medium: PE: Clean up the API - removed ->children() and renamed - 
 >find_child() to fine_rsc()
   + Medium: PE: Compress the display of healthy anonymous clones
   + Medium: PE: Correctly log the actions for resources that are  
being recovered
   + Medium: PE: Determin a promotion score for complex resources
   + Medium: PE: Ensure clones always have a value for globally-unique
   + Medium: PE: Prevent orphan clones from being allocated
   + Medium: RA: controld: Return proper exit code for stop op.
   + Medium: Tools: Bug bnc#482558 - Fix logging test in cluster_test
   + Medium: Tools: Bug bnc#482828 - Fix quoting in cluster_test  
logging setup
   + Medium: Tools: Bug bnc#482840 - Include directory path to CTSlab.py
   + Medium: Tools: crm: add more user input checks
   + Medium: Tools: crm: don't check resource status of we're working  
with a shadow
   + Medium: Tools: crm: fix id-refs and allow reference to top  
objects (i.e. primitive)
   + Medium: Tools: crm: ignore comments in the CIB
   + Medium: Tools: crm: multiple column output wouldn't work with  
small lists
   + Medium: Tools: crm: refuse to delete running resources
   + Medium: Tools: crm: rudimentary if-else for templates
   + Medium: Tools: crm: Start/stop clones via target-role.
   + Medium: Tools: crm_mon - Compress the node status for healthy and  
offline nodes
   + Medium: Tools: crm_shadow - Return 0/cib_ok when --create-empty  
   + Medium: Tools: crm_shadow - Support -e, the short form of -- 
   + Medium: Tools: Make attrd quieter
   + Medium: Tools: pingd - Avoid using various clplumbing functions  
as they seem to leak
   + Medium: Tools: Reduce pingd logging

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