[Pacemaker] Resource Scheduler Parameters

btinsley btinsley at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 20:21:44 EDT 2009

This is a little early in investigation on my end, but is there anything
that Pacemaker... or potentially OpenAIS, does that would restrict a cluster
resource from setting the scheduler type and/or priority? I have been
tinkering with KVM instances and there is a 100% repeatable difference
between how it behaves when Pacemaker starts the resource and when I start
it via the same OCF script on the command line (as the root user). When it
is started via Pacemaker, it seems to be unable to change its scheduler and
priority and eventually the whole system is brought to its knees and all
monitors get stuck in the "waiting on I/O" (D) state, which freaks Pacemaker
out...rightfully so ;-)

Looking at /proc/<pid>/sched shows:

policy                             :                    0
prio                               :                    0

And invoking the resource from the command line shows:

policy                             :                    2
prio                               :                    120

Invoking ulimit with the -e and -r parameters with a value of "unlimited" in
the OCF script does no good. Thoughts?
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