[Pacemaker] Re: Pacemaker 0.7.3 won't let me delete resources

Bruno Voigt Bruno.Voigt at ic3s.de
Mon Sep 29 08:01:39 EDT 2008

Andrew Beekhof wrote:
>> Hi Dejan,
>> that did not work for me in 0.7.3,
>> because I tried before the command "crm resource manage testbvol".
>> root at xen20a:/etc/xen# crm configure delete testbvol
>> ERROR: syntax : meta is_managed=true
>> Call cib_delete failed (-47): Update does not conform to the
>> configured schema/DTD
>> <null>
>> ERROR: could not delete testbvol
>> offending xml: <primitive id="testbvol"/>
> This doesn't make sense to me.
> Using is_managed=true shouldn't be enough to trigger a schema error -
> unless you're not setting it as a nvpair.
The crm cli-tool command "crm resource unmanage/manage testbvol"
set the meta attr is_managed instead of is-managed !


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