[Pacemaker] Pacemaker 0.7.3: How to use pingd clone resource and constraints

Andrew Beekhof beekhof at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 06:59:59 EDT 2008

On Sep 28, 2008, at 7:29 PM, Bruno Voigt wrote:

> Hi Andrew,
> thanks a lot for your effort!!
> BTW: how often are new builds provided in
> http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/server:/ha-clustering:/UNSTABLE/ 
>  ?

There's no official timeline (like the stable releases), its mostly  
whenever I do some testing and things look good enough to update.
I'll update them as soon as I fix pingd

Other than pingd and possibly some CLI tools stuff I haven't found  
yet, "UNSTABLE" is proving to be really solid.
CTS simply isn't finding much at all to complain about - I don't think  
1.0.0 is going to be far off at all.

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