[Pacemaker] A note about the upcoming 1.0 release

Jesse W. Hathaway jesse at mbuki-mvuki.org
Tue Sep 9 14:47:54 EDT 2008

A few minor suggestions/frustrations:

1.  Why are there not man pages for all the commands?
    Novell has really good documentation, could it be included?


2.  It would be less confusing to use the same command line switches when

      crm_resource -H esb01
      cibadmin -h esb01
      crm_failcount -U esb01

    Also I think using -v to set a value is confusing, since
    it is typically used for verbosity, perhaps -s

    I prefer the POSIX/GNU style:

3. Is a program like the showscores script going to be included, I found
   that script invaluable when setting up a new cluster?

Thanks for all your hard work your documentation is really helpful,


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