[Pacemaker] inconsistent parameters for cli tools

Raoul Bhatia [IPAX] r.bhatia at ipax.at
Tue Sep 16 10:29:35 EDT 2008


i think there have been some thoughts regarding this, but shouldn't
the parameters of the cli tools be more or less the same?


> root at wc01 ~/test # crm_verify --help
> usage: crm_verify [-V] [-D] -(?|L|X|x|p)
> 	--help (-?)	: this help message
> 	--verbose (-V)	: turn on debug info. additional instances increase verbosity
> 	--live-check (-L)	: Connect to the running cluster
> 	--crm_xml (-X) <string>	: Use the configuration in the supplied string
> 	--xml-file (-x) <file>	: Use the configuration in the named file
> 	--xml-pipe (-p) 	: Use the configuration piped in via stdin
> 	--dtd-file (-D) 	: Use the named dtd file instead of /usr/share/heartbeat/crm.dtd

-x for xml-file, -X for xml-string and -p for xml-stdin

> root at wc01 ~/test # ptest --help
> Usage: ptest -(?|L|X|x) [-V] [-D] [-G] [-I]
>     --help (-?): This text
>     --verbose (-V): Increase verbosity (can be supplied multiple times)
>     --live-check (-L): Connect to the CIB and use the current contents as input
>     --xml-stream (-x): Look for xml on stdin
>     --show-scores (-s): Display resource allocation scores
>     --xml-file (-X)	<filename> : Look for xml in the named file
>     --save-graph (-G)	<filename> : Save the transition graph to the named file
>     --save-dotfile (-D)	<filename> : Save the DOT formatted transition graph to the named file
>     --save-input (-I)	<filename> : Save the input to the named file

-x for xml-stdin, -X for xml-file

> cibadmin --help
> usage: cibadmin [V?o:QDUCEX:t:Srwlsh:MmBfbdRx:pP5] command
> 	where necessary, XML data will be obtained using -X, -x, or -p options
> ...
> XML data
> 	--crm_xml (-X) <string>		Retrieve XML from the supplied string
> 	--xml-file (-x) <filename>	Retrieve XML from the named file
> 	--xml-pipe (-p)			Retrieve XML from STDIN
> ...

again, -X for xml-string, -p for xml-stdin, -x for xml-file

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