[Pacemaker] Temporarily disabling the cluster

Jesse W. Hathaway jesse at mbuki-mvuki.org
Tue Sep 9 10:30:31 EDT 2008

When I need to restart a service that is part of a cluster I
typically run:

  1. crm_attribute -t crm_config -n is_managed_default -v false
  2. restart the service
  3. crm_attribute -t crm_config -n is_managed_default -v true

This works well except the fail counter for the resource is still
incremented while is_managed_default=false. This often causes the
service to migrate to a different node when management is enabled.

Is there a way to avoid the fail counter being incremented?

Or is there a more preferred method to disable the cluster, while
doing maintenance?

thanks, Jesse

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