[Pacemaker] Question on ILO stonith resource config and restarting

Andreas Mock andreas.mock at web.de
Wed Oct 29 20:36:18 EDT 2008

Aaron Bush schrieb:
> I then noticed that my ILO clones were starting on the 'wrong' nodes.
> As in the stonith resource to kill node 2 was actually running on node
> 2; which is pointless if node 2 locks up.  So I added resource
> constraints to force the stonith clone to stay on a node that was not
> the one to be shot.  This seemed to work well.
is self-stonithing possible meanwhile? How is the problem of a one-node 
cluster solved?
Often discussed, but I don't know the current status.

> The next issue I have is that when I disconnect the LAN cable on a
> single node that connects it to the rest of the network the clone
> stonith monitor will fail since it can't connect to the other nodes ILO
> for status.  After some time (minutes let's say) I reconnect the LAN
> cable but never see the clone stonith come back to life, just stays
> failed.  What should I be looking at to make sure that the clone stonith
> restarts properly.
There is something I don't understand: You cut the network connection to 
the ILO only?
If yes, than the monitor action of the stonith plugin gets a failure and 
you can/have to react
on that as usual. In your case: Ignore the failue and try again further. 
You can't do something better,
besides to raise redundancy, IMHO.

> Any advice on how to more properly setup an HP ILO stonith in this
> scenario would be greatly appreciated.  (I can see where a clone stonith
> would be useful in a large cluster of n>2 nodes since all nodes could
> have a chance to shoot a failed node and maybe this is the reason for
> cloned stonith with ILO?  Basically in a cluster of N nodes each node
> would be running N-1 stonith resources, ready to shoot a dead node.)
That is exactly my knowledge/assumption, which doesn't mean anything. :-)
In a two-node-cluster you can IMHO also work with simple 
stonith-primitives and appropriate
location constraints. Dejan: Is that assumption correct?

Another questions to Dejan in that context: What has to be done to make 
a stonith plugin clone-aware?
Is it right that someone can create a chain of stonith plugins/methods? 
(More parallel weapons to shoot with?)

Best regards
Andreas Mock

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