[Pacemaker] stonithd dumps core since 1.0.0

Roderick van Domburg r.s.a.vandomburg at nedforce.nl
Tue Oct 14 09:34:32 EDT 2008

On 14 okt 2008, at 15:31, Andrew Beekhof wrote:

>> We have been running cman+gfs2 and heartbeat+pacemaker  
>> simultaneously on our systems. This worked great until we updated  
>> to heartbeat-2.99.2 and pacemaker-1.0.0 yesterday, which crashes  
>> while calling is_openais_cluster(). Previously we ran  
>> heartbeat-2.99.1 and pacemaker-0.7.3 successfully.
> Not so much a core dump (unexpected termination) as an assertion  
> failure (self initiated "lets get out of here NOW").
> What you're seeing is me in the middle of refreshing all the  
> packages... specifically I haven't enabled Heartbeat support in the  
> Pacemaker packages which is why you're seeing:
>> Oct 14 14:50:55 node1 stonithd: [1492]: ERROR: crm_abort:  
>> is_heartbeat_cluster: Triggered fatal assert at utils.c:1626 :  
>> is_openais_cluster()
> Which is basically Pacemaker saying "You're trying to run me on top  
> of Heartbeat and I wasn't built to support that".
> A saner error might not be a bad idea.

Ah I see, thanks for the clarification.

> I'll go enable Heartbeat support now.

Awesome, you're my savior! Looking forward to the updated packages.

Kind regards,


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