[Pacemaker] Maybe a documentation error

Adrian Chapela achapela.rexistros at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 13:24:50 EDT 2008

Hello again guys!

After a hard tests, Hearbeat + Pacemaker seem to work very well now. All 
of rules are running OK. Tomorrow I will do more complex test.

This mail is related to documentation (Pacemaker Configuration 
Explained, from 15/10/2008), to page 40. In this page there is this rule:
<rsc_location id="WebServer-connectivity" rsc="Webserver">
<rule id="pingd-exclude-rule" score="-INFINITY" >
<expression id="pingd-exclude" attribute="pingd" operation="lt" 
<rule id="pingd-prefer-rule" score_attribute="pingd" >
<expression id="pingd-prefer" attribute="pingd" operation="defined"/>

DTD validation fails at rule id "pingd-prefer-rule". It shows me the error:
element rule: Relax-NG validity error : Element rsc_location has extra 
content: rule

I don't know if it is a documentation error, if rule is ok... I send to 
you to have a look.

Thank you!

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