[Pacemaker] Segmentation fault stopping Heartbeat

Adrian Chapela achapela.rexistros at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 06:28:45 EDT 2008

In my  tests of heartbeat, I have the next problem. When I tried to stop 
heartbeat, it sent me the next output
EMERG: Rebooting system.  Reason: /usr/lib/heartbeat/crmd

There are the next lines in log:

Oct 30 10:08:34 node2 heartbeat: [12330]: WARN: Managed 
/usr/lib/heartbeat/crmd process 12345 killed by signal 11 [SIGSEGV - 
Segmentation violation].
Oct 30 10:08:34 node2 heartbeat: [12330]: ERROR: Managed 
/usr/lib/heartbeat/crmd process 12345 dumped core
Oct 30 10:08:34 node2 heartbeat: [12330]: EMERG: Rebooting system.  
Reason: /usr/lib/heartbeat/crmd
Oct 30 10:08:34 node2 cib: [12341]: info: cib_common_callback_worker: 
Setting cib_diff_notify callbacks for 12345 
(92161996-45e3-468e-99bd-f9d7629acbe4): off

I can find this error in 2.99.1 and 2.99.2.

Have you any ideas ?


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