[Pacemaker] Backport from Pacemaker 1.0 to Heartbeat 2.1.4

Junko IKEDA ikedaj at intellilink.co.jp
Fri Oct 24 02:02:48 EDT 2008


I think this issue has already discussed here or Heartbeat mailing list,
But I'd like to make sure this again.

I found some undesirable behaviors using Heartbeat 2.1.4,
and I confirmed that these behaviors are fixed with Pacemaker 1.0 (+ OpenAIS
0.8 from open suse build service).
These problems seem to be related with clone setting.
Is it possible to backport from Pacemaker 1.0 to Heartbeat 2.1.4 if I post
the logs?
Or is the upgrading to Pacemaker only recommended way?

Best Regards,
Junko Ikeda


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