[Pacemaker] About "record-pending"

Yan Gao ygao at novell.com
Wed Oct 22 03:48:46 EDT 2008

Hi Andrew,
I set "record-pending" attribute in the start operation of a resource,
like the following:

<primitive class="ocf" id="primitive_dummy" provider="pacemaker"
        <operations id="primitive_dummy-operations">
          <op id="primitive_dummy-operations-op_start" interval="0"
name="start" record-pending="true" timeout="90"/>
        <meta_attributes id="primitive_dummy-meta_attributes">
          <nvpair id="primitive_dummy-meta_attributes-target-role"
name="target-role" value="stopped"/>

And even set it in op_defaults :

      <meta_attributes id="meta_attributes">
        <nvpair id="nvpair-e541c964-d6a5-4512-b1a7-5f59ba7471b1"
name="record-pending" value="true"/>

But when I start the resource, there's no change in  
<lrm_rsc_op id="primitive_dummy_start_0" .../>

(Does it mean the "op-status" should be "-1" when pending?)

It seems that the set cannot be found in the hash table.

value = g_hash_table_lookup(action->params,

Did I make any mistake? Really strange...

Yan Gao
China R&D Software Engineer
ygao at novell.com

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