[Pacemaker] pacemaker/heartbeat fails to stop - waiting for stonith?

Raoul Bhatia [IPAX] r.bhatia at ipax.at
Thu Oct 16 05:45:07 EDT 2008


i wanted to stop heartbeat to update install a new cib.xml.
i (hopefully) killed (!) all relevant processes on node2 (wc02)
and issued "/etc/init.d/heartbeat stop" on wc01.

all resources stopped fine. all, with the exception of "stonith":
> Clone Set: DoFencing
>     stonith_rackpdu:0   (stonith:external/rackpdu):     Started wc01
>     stonith_rackpdu:1   (stonith:external/rackpdu):     Stopped 

looking into the logfile, i find
> ct 16 11:40:53 wc01 pengine: [4617]: WARN: process_pe_message: Transition 359: WARNINGs found during PE processing. PEngine Input stored in: /var/lib/heartbeat/pengine/pe-warn-388.bz2
> Oct 16 11:40:53 wc01 pengine: [4617]: info: process_pe_message: Configuration WARNINGs found during PE processing.  Please run "crm_verify -L" to identify issues.

and crm_verify -L the pe-warn files, i get
> crm_verify[29970]: 2008/10/16_11:41:13 notice: StopRsc:   wc01  Stop stonith_rackpdu:0
> crm_verify[29970]: 2008/10/16_11:41:13 WARN: stage6: Scheduling Node wc02 for STONITH

i recently changed my stonith configuration so the currently active
one is not working anymore. thats one reason i want to update my

in particular, stonith_rackpdu's hostlist must be updated to reflect
the change from "wc0X" to "wc0X-neu".

anyways, is there any reason to avoid a shutdown and wait for stonith
to succeed? is the stonith agent broken? is pacemaker broken? is any
other part broken? is this behavior intended?

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