[Pacemaker] ANNOUNCE: Pacemaker 1.0.0 now available (feature release)

Andrew Beekhof abeekhof at suse.de
Wed Oct 15 16:13:30 EDT 2008

As many of you have probably already noticed, 1.0.0 is now available  
for all your clustering needs.

In fact testing finished a week ago and the delay has been in getting  
the packages out there
(first the build service was unavailable due to a power outage in  
Nürnberg and then it was busy building the next openSUSE beta).

The source can be obtained from:

Updated documentation can be found at:

RPM and Debian packages for Pacemaker and it's immediate dependancies  
can be downloaded from the usual location:

Note that the -ais and -heartbeat versions of the pacemaker package  
have been removed.
Instead, we've created
for those that don't want/need Heartbeat support.

This is particularly relevant for future openSUSE11.1 users since the  
packages here match those shipped on the DVD (as of 11.1, openSUSE  
will no longer ship with Heartbeat support).

Additionally, there is also
which is the new home for Pacemaker-0.6.x packages (which will  
continue to be updated, as promised, for about another year).

Please refer to
for further details about installing from these additional repositories.

The Mercurial changelog isn't particularly useful for a feature  
release, so I'll re-quote an earlier list of the major updates.
  + Overhaul of the configuration syntax
  + Better validation of configurations with RelaxNG schemas
  + Admin tools now set options consistently
  + A new tool for testing your cluster before it goes into production
  + A new tool for making, testing and verifying changes _before_  
uploading them to the cluster
  + Ability to automatically upgrade to the latest configuration syntax
  + Adopt libxml2 as the XML processing library (this should be faster  
and reduce the amount or copying that was occurring)
  + Implement XPath based versions of query/delete/replace/modify
    Eg. Find _all_ options telling resources to stop: cibadmin --query  
--xpath '//nvpair[@name="target-role" and value="Stopped"]'
  + Bug LF:1459 - Allow failures to expire
  + Replace the failure-stickiness mess with a simple 'migration- 
  + Bug LF:1438 - Allow the list of all/active resource operations to  
be queried by crm_resource
  + Bug LF:1883 - crm_mon should display fail-count and operation  
  + Bug LF:1884, Bug LF:1885 - Implement N:M ordering and colocation  
  + Implement a client-side operation timeout for CIB connections
  + Implementing the ability for clients to connect to remote  
instances of the CIB
  + Implement a stack-independant version of pingd - no need to add  
ping nodes to ha.cf

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