[Pacemaker] RFC: What part of the XML configuration do you hate the most?

Satomi TANIGUCHI taniguchis at intellilink.co.jp
Mon Nov 17 23:27:05 EST 2008

Hi Andrew!

Andrew Beekhof wrote:
> No, I don't mean that.
> Take on-fail=stop for example...
> If we detect the resource failed, we stop it. (so far so good).
> However now that its stopped, the failed operation is no longer 
> considered and we "forget" that the resource is supposed to _stay_ stopped.
You mean "a resource which is stopping by failed action would start
by contraries"?

With on_fail="standby", certainly it seems that we "forget" the node is supposed 
to stay standby.
Because the failed node status which crm_mon shows changes like this,
"online" --[resource failed]--> "standby" --[resource restart(F/O)]--> "online".
Then I tried to give raise to the behavior like that with on_fail="stop",
but I couldn't.
On-fail-stopped resource stayed stopped even if I deleted the fail-count of it.
When I restarted the Heartbeat service on failed node,
the resource restarted (on other node) at last...

> The solution is to check the "old" operations for this sort of condition.
It sounds a large-scale modification...


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