[Pacemaker] [PATCH 00 of 40] Pacemaker 1.0.0 patch update for week 45, 2008

Bruno Voigt Bruno.Voigt at ic3s.de
Mon Nov 17 04:13:18 EST 2008

beekhof at gmail.com wrote:
> For those that just can't wait, you can use the packages in 
> server:ha-clustering:UNSTABLE (this is what I'm currently 
> testing with) which also now includes man pages for almost 
> all the /sbin binaries shipped in Pacemaker.
Just wondering:
in UNSTABLE/Debian_Etch/amd64 was up to yesterday a pacemaker_0.7.3
build from Nov 14,
today it is replaced by pacemaker_0.0.1. Something seems to be went
wrong with that version number.

In server:/ha-clustering/Debian_Etch/amd64/ is a pacemaker_1.0.0-1 from
Nov 14,
does it also contain the patches of the last weeks?


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