[Pacemaker] An odd behavior about a timeout for remote fencing operaions

Satomi TANIGUCHI taniguchis at intellilink.co.jp
Thu Nov 13 20:14:33 EST 2008


I'm sending a patch which has the following roles.

(1) add a timeout in stonithd on DC node when it is going to broadcast
    a STONITH request because all STONITH plugins on DC failed.

(2) remove the timeout above when DC-stonithd receives a "STONITH succeeded"
    message from other node.

I have no idea whether the current behavior is intentional or a bug.
If it is an expected behavior, I'd like to hear its purpose.
If not, I hope this patch is helpful to you.

Best Regards,

Satomi TANIGUCHI wrote:
> Hi Lists,
> I found an odd behavior about remote fencing.
> In the following case, stonithd on DC node adds the timeout for remote fencing
> operations.
> (1) the target node is DC.
> (2) the target node is not DC, but DC node has no STONITH plugin.
> But it doesn't add that timeout in the following case.
> (i) the target node is not DC, and all STONITH plugins fail on DC node.
> Is it an expected behavior or a bug?
> When all STONITH operations on all nodes in the cluster failed,
> maybe no action can be executed forever because transition timeout in tengine
> is going to be removed...
> Best Regards,
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