[Pacemaker] DRBD on pacemaker

Michael Schwartzkopff misch at multinet.de
Thu Nov 27 04:56:22 EST 2008


I was playing around with DRBD on pacemaker and got stuck a little bit.

System: Ubuntu 8.0.4-2, pacemaker 1.0.1-1 from SuSE Build server.

1) Creating a Master-Slave resource with the GUI is a nightmare. Sorry.
The GUI asks for meta-attributes of the Master (clone-max, ...) in the window 
of the instance attributes (!) of the primivite resource. They are even 
marked there as required.

If you do not know the XML way of configuration and know old heartbeat style a 
user is completely lost here. There is no intuitive way to enter the resource 
any more. The GUI does not guide you through the setup.
You have to know what you want are search in the various parts of the GUI 
where to enter the information. Sorry, but I do feel that the old GUI did 
help more then the new.

After all I managed to enter this resource:
<master id="master_DRBD_r0">
        <meta_attributes id="master_DRBD_r0-meta_attributes">
          <nvpair id="nvpair-1692df19-d525-4a9b-8644-e36f6b5fa185" 
name="clone-max" value="2"/>
          <nvpair id="nvpair-1f987186-c0dd-4f72-9e1c-ddd71e7ac320" 
name="clone-node-max" value="1"/>
          <nvpair id="nvpair-4203af61-7f70-47aa-8114-f7af01f15732" 
name="master-max" value="1"/>
          <nvpair id="nvpair-445c54f0-6e97-40b2-a6f1-074b947f24c7" 
name="master-node-max" value="1"/>
        <primitive class="ocf" id="master_DRBD_r0-primitive" 
provider="heartbeat" type="drbd">
            <nvpair id="nvpair-05ba53f7-6ea0-42a8-8404-39720acaf808" 
name="drbd_resource" value="r0"/>

2) This resource started but no instance was promoted to master. When I use 
2.1.4 of heartbeat one instance is automatically promoted. Is this different 
in pacemaker?

3) When I added a location constratint to award the master with 100 points 
when running one node petra21, the instance was really promoted on this node 
and running as master. But setting this node to standby the instance on the 
other node was not promoted but stayed secondary. On my old 2.1.4 system the 
surviving instance was automatically promoted. Is this different in 
pacemaker? What else do I have to enter/configure?


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