[Pacemaker] uery failed for attribute fail-count-resource

Raoul Bhatia [IPAX] r.bhatia at ipax.at
Wed Nov 19 11:34:06 EST 2008


my drbd promotion failed (doesn't matter why right now) and i got
the following in my crm_mon overview:

>     drbd_mysql:1_promote_0 (node=wc01, call=159, rc=1, status=0): unknown error

i ussied:
> root at wc01 ~ # crm_resource -C -r drbd_mysql:1 -H wc01

resulting in:
> Query failed for attribute fail-count-drbd_mysql:1 (section=status, node=31de4ab3-2d05-476e-8f9a-627ad6cd94ca, set=<null>, xpath=//cib/status//node_state[@id='31de4ab3-2d05-476e-8f9a-627ad6cd94ca']//nvpair[@name='fail-count-drbd_mysql:1']): The object/attribute does not exist
> Error performing operation: The object/attribute does not exist

afairc, i get such an error everytime i successfully cleanup an error.
maybe this should originally be hidden?

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